barteringThe way we do business has drastically changed over the years. Most of us don’t even marvel at being able to make payments from our cell phones while just a few years ago we had to que in banks and fill out forms.


Before money came into the equation there were transactions. I’ll give you this if I can have that. Bartering was the first step in our history of transacting. There was no monetary value against which to measure items. Items were measured in value solely based on their value to the parties involved. And so was born the principle of fair exchange. [click to continue…]


The Benefits Of Using Paypal

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Paypal-GirlDo you need to make transactions online? Or receive payments? Are you concerned with your transactions safety? Well then you need to look at Paypal. This online finance service started in 1998 and is one of the most established online pay and be payed services you can find. So why is this the case? well because of the wonderful benefits it has to offer to its customers. One of the most notable benefits it has is that of accepting payments in a matter of seconds which can be done very easily. Another massive pro is its ability to accept Visa, American Express, Master Card and other popular payment methods [click to continue…]


Superannuation is the pension scheme offered in Australia. It is a compulsory system and employers that do not make contributions face considerable fines. The process for making payments for employees can seem difficult, but there are actually many payments options available for businesses. Small businesses even have access to a free government service to help them understand and make superannuation contributions. Read this guide to the payment systems that you can use to make contributions and try to select the one that will work best for your business.

Pay in person
This is only an option if your company and chosen super fund have offices in the same city. Payment can be made with cash or cheque. It is also worth remembering that many super funds no longer offer this type of payment. It is a time consuming option and one that is best consigned to the past.

Pay by company cheque
Sending a company cheque made payable to the super fund is a popular option for businesses. However, this option has a significant processing time and your employees may complain if the super doesn’t reach their fund on a set date. This means organizing payment in advance to ensure that the funds are processed and clear on time. Always ensure that your cheques are marked non-negotiable and are sent via registered post to ensure they are delivered to the correct address. Cheques still get lost this way and this is the reason many businesses utilize other options for paying employees super.

Direct debit (EFT)
An Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit) is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to make a super contribution. All you need is the banking details of the super fund and a membership number (to use as the payment description) and you can make the transfer in seconds. You can even schedule an automatic payment to take place when needed.

Very similar to a direct deposit, but you have a unique BPay biller and reference code to make the transfer even simpler. These transfers usually occur on the same business day and are simple and efficient. Many online banking systems also allow you to schedule BPay payments in advance, which means that you can set it up once and then only modify it when you have a change in employers.

Super Clearing House
The Australian Tax Office also offers a free small business super clearing house service to businesses with under 19 employees. You need to register for the service at the ATO website to get started. Once you have registered for the service you can make one secure payment and the ATO will automatically distribute the funds into the appropriate accounts! Once you have added all the necessary data it is a simple matter of logging in and processing the payments. Many of the best super funds, listed here, offer their own clearing house service to make it easier for employers to make super contributions. This depends on the super fund and it is a good idea to contact your chosen fund to ask about the availability of such a service.

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There is no doubt that credit cards are extremely essential in today’s society. There are a lot of transactions that may only be completed using credit cards. Even smaller businesses accept credit cards now. When did we start using credit cards and how did it develop to what they are now?

There are varied documentations in regards to the history of credit cards. Some sources would say that it has started in the USA in as early as the 1920′s. During this time, these cards were used by major oil companies, hotel chains and eventually, clients have started using them. As years went by, these credit cards have become more popular to ordinary people.

There is also another theory stating that credit cards have only been used in 1946. It was started by John Biggins who worked in a National Bank in New York. His invention was named the Charge-It Program. His invention might not have worked in the same way as how credit cards are today, but the process is more or less the same. According to historians, his invention paved the way for more local merchants and small business owners to find a way to make their businesses bloom. The popular Diner’s Club is also said to be the first credit card that was used in the 1950′s. It was created by Frank McNamara. Originally, it was meant just for restaurant bills payment especially for those who don’t want to bring lots of cash when dining out.

Credit Cards Today

Though there are varied reports in regards to the origin of credit cards, no one can deny its importance today. These credit cards are not just for those who can afford to repay them, but even those who wish to get personal loans in a much faster way. Credit cards have also become more accessible worldwide and for various transactions. Maximum limits are also available to various clients depending on their financial capability.

In short, credit cards have already gone too far since they were conceived. Thanks to these credit cards and financial transactions are now a lot faster. In fact, it is predicted that in the future, cash will be indispensable due to the presence of credit cards. If you wish to get one from a reliable company that offers credit cards, you can check this out.

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Online Payments: A Close Look

by Nicole Bateman on

Payment methods have evolved a lot ever since civilization start using them. From the earliest “payment” methods, where people bartered goods, we have come to a point where the exchange of goods has become a lot more efficient. In this post, I am going to concentrate on how the internet has advanced payment methods to the point where even ordinary people are able to make purchases from halfway across the world in just one click. Hopefully, by doing so, I’ll be able to be of great help to people who are curious about the development of payment methods.

If you aren’t a technophobe, then you are probably using the internet. The internet has brought so many amazing things to us, and one of these things happens to be online commerce. Through the internet, people are able to buy goods and avail of services from the remotest of locations; all they need is an internet connection. Obviously, the payment for such goods and services can’t be exchanged in person, and for this reason, online payments were created.

How do online payments work? Basically, many websites now have a page where people are able to input credit card information with regard to their credit cards. Just by putting such information, they can make remote buys through their credit cards. Services of all kinds can be availed of through such means. Let’s look at binary options trading (click here to find out more), for example.

Binary options trading (know more here), if you didn’t know, is a form of online trading that has been gaining more and more popularity ever since it became widely available. Now in order to participate in binary options trading, people have to buy options from the brokerages they work with. And when it comes to buying options, people have to be fast lest they end up not being able to profit from underlying assets. The good news is that payment for options has now been made easier through online payment methods. Aside from the fact that binary options brokerages work with credit card companies to facilitate online payment, they also work with services such as Paypal in order to make the buying of options and the transfer of earnings much easier.

When one really looks at it, one realizes that online payments didn’t only revolutionize commerce; it also revolutionized the job market. So many people are now able to make a great living doing online trading, for one. This wouldn’t have been possible had certain parties not created and improved on online payments.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves enlightening to all of my readers. For tomorrow’s post, I’m going to talk about the evolution of the barter system to the modern payment system. For anyone studying history, anthropology, or other related fields, what I’m going to talk about tomorrow should prove to be interesting. Although the subject has long been studied, there are still so many new insights that we can gain from it. Whatever the case may be, readers of mine would really do well to visit my site again tomorrow.

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As long as a business makes use of paper documents, time will come when paper shredding services will be needed. At some point, old documents have to be thrown away. However, due to the sensitivity of the document contents, it is best to not throw them away, but have them shredded. By then, there is no chance for anyone to have a peek of what is inside the documents.

Paper shredder rentals or purchase are quite difficult back then. Not so many companies offer this equipment. The rates are also very high. However, with the availability of more companies offering paper shredding services, rates have drastically gone down. If you are planning to hire this service, the first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the options available. Make sure that you are getting a high quality service at a reasonable price. There are quite a few options out there. Once you have evaluated them based on quality and rates, the next thing that you have to look into is the mode of payment.

Paying for Paper Shredding Services

Usually, if you are to go directly to the office of a local paper shredding company, you can pay either in cash, check or credit cards. Since you are dealing directly with the company, these options are a lot more comfortable for you to make use of.

In the event that you can’t find any paper shredding company near you, it would be best to just go online. You might be surprised to find tons of options near your business establishment. Since you cannot pay for their services directly in cash, you can just choose from various online payment modes. Some companies have more payment options compared with the others. For instance, online payments are usually done via credit cards. As long as you make use of an internationally recognized credit card, you have nothing to worry about. However, there are companies that accept debit cards well. The only thing is that they accept debit cards only for certain banks.

If you have neither a credit card nor a debit card, then you can make use of online money delivery options such as PayPal or Xoom. In doing so, you will feel like you have paid using your credit card as well. The process is so fast. Though there are some charges for this money delivery service, it is still worth the cost. After all, you were saved from the trouble of getting a credit card just to pay for this service. Getting electronic receipts is also very easy. Thus, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to bookkeeping.

A Few Tips

Before hiring any paper shredding company, you need to understand their terms and conditions first. It is not just about the modes of payment, but also on other aspects. Read small prints so you won’t regret later on for making the wrong decision. If you wish to be matched with a company that provides high quality paper shredding services, take a look at this.

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Pay The Piper… A Little Less!

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It seems at times that having to keep up with all our responsibilities is overwhelming. Having to account for paying bills on time, keeping up with work schedules, and finding time to unwind and enjoy some rest and relaxation seems daunting! But there are certain things that are keeping you far away from your goal of happiness and contentment both in your emotional life and your financial life. There are key things you can do to help get you on track to financial sustainability. Here are two financial "rules" that should cut your expenses! 

1.) Keep A Diary 
It's hard to keep track of the "little" things we spend money on each day. For instance, I had gotten into a routine that had me shelling out around 50 extra dollars a day. I would get up in the morning, go to my local coffee shop, buy an overpriced coffee, get an overpriced bagel and then hop into a cab. All in all, it didn't seem like that much money. Especially, since I was using my debit card. A quick swipe and it seemed like the money never even left! Ten dollars at the coffee shop, fourteen dollars for the cab ride (to work and from work) and by the time I got to work I had already spent around thirty dollars including tips! Start writing down what you spend your money on each day and you'll be surprised at how much you can cut out. Needless to say I started using my own coffee pot and taking the train! 

2.) Don't Use Your Debit Card Regularly
Relating back to "Tip 1"… I used to use my debit card for everything! I hardly even kept cash on me. This didn't seem to be a problem until one night when I got locked out of my apartment. The Locksmiths Northampton employee, although a lifesaver, didn't accept credit…. of course I didn't have any cash. So I was forced to walk with this fine gentleman to the nearest ATM after he so nicely let me back into my apartment in the wee hours of the morning! Moral of the story? Better to be safe than sorry. In the beginning of the week take out an allotted amount of money to keep in your apartment. Each day dip into that and only spend what you've taken out for the day. It will help you budget, as well! 

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A Look at Online Payments

by Nicole Bateman on

The world has seen its fair share of different payment methods. From the early days, when people only used the bartering system, the world has seen so many changes with regard to how people transact with each other. Although almost everyone is oblivious of the history of payment methods, select scholars and hobbyists are actually very much fascinated with it. We started this site to help such people find all the information they need with regard to the history of payment methods. By doing so, we hope to help both scholars and hobbyists do great research on the subject much more easily. In this post, we are going to concentrate on a payment method that was only made possible through recent advances in technology: online payment. We are going to do this by looking through the lens of binary options trading.

Many people ask, is binary options trading good or bad? The answer is this: it depends on the brokerage one works with. By working with a legitimate brokerage that offers amazing services, one can have an amazing binary options trading experience. There are many factors that contribute to the quality of a binary options brokerage, and one of these factors happens to be their online payment scheme. Unfortunately, many binary options brokerages out there have a lousy payment system. Just how are these payment systems lousy? Typically, such payment systems do ensure that clients get their money; the problem is that they make the withdrawal process so hard for their clients. They impose unnecessary requirements and other bureaucratic procedures so that their clients’ money stays with them. Such things contribute to the bad rap online payment schemes get.

Fortunately, though, there are some binary options brokerages out there that have a great payment scheme. One of these brokerages happens to be Banc de Binary. If you ask people “is Banc de Binary any good?,” they will most likely tell you that it is, and for the reason that they make the withdrawal process for their clients very easy. Through Banc de Binary, people only have to have the minimum (yet very much necessary) requirements in order to withdraw their money. This way, the security of the brokerage’s clients is taken care of whilst enabling them to fully enjoy their earnings. Banc de Binary’s case goes to show that online payment schemes don’t necessarily have to be complicated and be abused by online businesses. A good example of such a payment system is that CRA’s.

In the future, we can expect online payment to be more streamlined. In addition to this, we can expect those who abuse their online payment system to actually lose out to their competitors in the future. As we get more and more exposed to the internet, we will definitely want the online payment method processes used by companies to become much more efficient – this will inevitably force companies to adapt their payments systems to our expectations. It remains to be seen if more advanced payment methods will end up replacing online payment in the future, but for now, we can expect online payment to be the future of commerce.

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Today, there are so many ways to send payment now that electronic transactions are possible. Electronic payments are methods that do not involve printed checks, or money is sent electronically, such as through debit or credit cards. The payment methods you can find depend on the kind of service or product being offered by a business. Since many businesses are already online, e-payments have been widely used. However, for product rentals, there are many ways to pay which also depend largely on the type of product being offered.

Cash Basis

Cash basis payments are still widely used, especially in rental services. Typically, once a customer gets the item he or she is about to rent, that would also be the time to pay for it. Sometimes, additional payment costs are required on top of the actual fees to serve as deposit charge, and once the item is returned, the deposit will be returned to the customer as well. This applies to renting costumes, formal wear, etc. Cash mode of payment is ideal for a rental business so that transaction is clear between the two parties. Once the client sees the product he is about to rent, that is the time he can pay for it.


Issuing checks is still very much in place even if electronic payments are on the rise. Most business owners still accept checks to offer flexibility to clients. They just inform them to whom the check must be made payable to.  Typically, payment must be due earlier or at the time of delivery of product, or by the time the customer receives the rented item. Car rentals or even dumpster rentals still do accept checks. Click here if you want to know more about dumpster bag rental service and the payment forms they accept.

Credit Cards

Credit or debit cards are probably still the most popular mode of e-payment. Using your credit card, you do not need to enroll in a new online payment portal just to rent something online. However, pricing could be difficult to determine for some type of rental service, such as when you rent dumpsters and dumpster bags, for the weight of the waste must be determined. Usually, how much the load weighs is pretty much estimated to know the size of the bag to rent as well as the pricing. Credit card payments are common for online rental services such as when renting cars, wedding suits and gowns, etc.

Online Portals

Secure payment portals online are largely used for online transactions. The customer just has to sign up for an account, which is typically linked to their bank, or credit card account for verification.

Renting is highly appreciated for its affordability compared to buying a new product. In this regard, payment must be safe and secure. While cash basis is still the leading mode of payment since the two parties agree on the item in person, there are still other options. Customers can freely choose the mode of payment he prefers. If you are, for instance, about to rent dumpsters or dumpster bags, you can issue a check, pay through your credit card or preferred e-payment portal. To know more about such service, you may see this here.

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Who even uses checks anymore? With advancement in technology, people have changed a lot of their ways. There are several convenient ways to pay for bills and other expenses now. Be it through cash, checks or the major credit and debit cards available, one can do all payments without having to handle cash.

That applies nowadays to checks as well.

But yesterday my washing machine broke. I tried to fix it myself at first. Thankfully, I found a really handy checklist on troubleshooting a washing machine here. Unfortunately, my problem was unfixable given the tools I had. So I needed to call in a repair guy. But when he asked me to pay and I whipped out my credit card. He just gave me a look.

He didn’t want to take the card!

Here’s how I would’ve wanted to pay for his services-

Payment by Credit Cards
Everyone has a credit card but this guy wasn’t taking it! The times when you are short on cash, you may choose to pay for maintenance by credit cards. The card will allow you to make payments and give you time to repay the money to bank. They help to build credit. This will later help you make large purchases. Most credit cards also have reward points and many other perks. The only problem with this mode of payment is that one can use the card to pay for more bills than he can afford. Repaying the bank can be a very difficult job.

Payment by Debit Cards
I also had my debit card again, but of course he couldn’t accept it. Debit cards can be used the same way as credit cards. The different between the two is mainly that debit cards use money from your bank account to pay the bills. This is a very safe way of handling money, and it is a better option than credit cards because there is no scope of overspending. You can only pay from what you have. If at any time, you need cash, you can withdraw it from nearby ATMs. Nevertheless, these cards do not help build any credit and also have less fraud protection systems.

The repair guy gave me two options to pay:

Payment by Cash
Cash is a good way to pay in-person. But I rarely keep much on me. I pay with everything use my cards so I didn’t have nearly enough to pay. Fortunately I had my checkbook.

Payment by Checks
The last time I used my check was to cross a line through and write “Void” to make a direct deposit. But fortunately, that meant my checkbook was still open! Woohoo! I was able to pull out my checkbook and pay for everything no problem.

So before you write off having a checkbook, remember that they will come in handy at odd times, and not just to fill out a direct deposit form. Occasionally, you will run into services that don’t have a card machine to accept payments, and that’s when you need a checkbook. Often times, repair oriented services only take checks. So after you’ve checked out any tutorials on appliance repair, and you still need a repair guy, make sure you have your checkbook handy. Checks may be the only way to pay them, even if you have a wallet full of cards!

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